What Online Slots Pay Real Money?

Wheel of Chance II - The Big Wheel Slots
There is a quick answer to this… most online slots can pay real money as prizes if you pay to play them. There are some social online casinos that do not do this, as they only offer games to play for entertainment. There are no real money prizes available when playing those.

That aside, all other casinos do give players the chance to pick up real cash prizes. Let’s find out more about the available slots you could try.

Know the difference between demo and real play

Many – although not all – slot games do have demo versions. Sometimes called practice slots, they do not involve placing real bets on the paylines. Instead, you use in-game credits to place bets, so if a prize did land on the reels, it wouldn’t involve any credits you could withdraw. Make sure you always know which mode you’re playing in, particularly if you’ve joined an online casino and you do have a cash balance ready to play with.

Some slots are easier to find prizes in than others

You may have heard of volatility when reading about online slot games. In this case, low volatility means that the game is likely to pay out quite regularly, although most prizes should be smaller ones.

The high volatility games work in the opposite way. You may find you go for long periods with no prizes landing. You might also find you get a run of prizes in quick succession, with more chance of landing one or more significant prizes one after the other.

Of course, there are no guarantees with anything like this, so you need to be sure you can afford to play whichever game you choose, regardless of volatility. Never bet anything more than you can afford to miss if you don’t get a prize.

Some slots offer big jackpots

Some offer progressive jackpots that run into six or even seven figures, while others stick with fixed jackpot amounts shown in the game’s paytable.

While it’s nice to see one or more jackpots in a slot game, it’s obvious that few players are going to receive them. So, think of these as an extra prize that may o ccasionally trigger, rather than a regular part of the game.

Find your favorite real money slots online today

There are thousands of slot games ready for you to play. Find a casino you can legally join and make sure you’re ready to check out some of the real play available on the slots there today.